19th Annual General Meeting


19th Annual General Meeting

May 26-27, 2016 | St. Petersburg, Russia

The 19th IBC AGM was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the invitation by PJSC Gazprom. It brought together over 450 delegates and guests, and was focused on the topic «Cooperation in the Energy Sector as a Stabilizing Factor for the Global Economy». Mr. Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg, took part in the opening ceremony of the AGM.

The AGM re-elected Dr. A. B. Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, PJSC Gazprom, as the IBC President, and Mr. Klaus Schaefer, CEO, Uniper SE, was elected as the IBC Vice President. The forum also re-elected the membership of the IBC Presiding Committee and the Board of Directors.


Pictures of the 19th Annual General Meeting of the International Business Congress e.V.

Dear Members and Guests of the International Business Congress,
Below you will find a couple of zip-files, containing event impressions of the recent 19th Annual General Meeting.
For security reasons, each file is password protected. Please contact the IBC secretariat via agm2016@ibc-secretariat.org for further written assistance.


International Business Congress (IBC) e. V.

The 18th Annual General Meeting held in Belgrade on 28 May, 2015, marked the beginning of a new era in the work of our organization – a new turn of the spiral – a truly historic moment.

The majority of the General Assembly voted in favour of decisions for expanding this organization’s geographic reach.
As a result, required adjustments and modifications in the charter have been approved. In addition to it, our members took decisions on the new name and the new logo for our association.

We have a pleasure to confirm that we have received the official legal approval from the authorities at local court of Berlin-Charlottenburg. With effect from 28th August 2015 our association is officially registered under the name:

International Business Congress (IBC) e. V.

With the same date our new charter entered into force.

The secretariat is available per E-Mail under: info@ibc-secretariat.org
The telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.



The IBC International Business Congress e.V. (former EBC European Business Congress e. V.) is an international, non-governmental and non-profit Organisation (NGO) founded in December 1997 in Bonn, Germany. As of July 2016, the IBC has 122 members from 28 countries worldwide. Statutory bodies of the IBC are the General Assembly, the Presiding Committee and the Board of Directors.

The President of the IBC is Dr. Alexey Miller, PJSC Gazprom. Vice-president is Klaus Schäfer, Uniper SE.

    The IBC objectives are:
  • Supporting the development of intergovernmental and international economic cooperation
  • Promoting economic development
  • Promoting a sustainable dialogue between politics and private business

These objectives will be achieved and especially implemented by

  • open and trustful discussion of actual challenges and problems of common interest in the various Working Committees and subsequent formulation of practical solutions
  • passing such results as recommendations on to governments and responsible authorities as well as to other NGOs
  • promoting an efficient exchange of information between IBC and international organisations and fostering contacts inside the IBC and externally
  • promoting co-operation between companies and international organisations
  • organising and supporting conferences and seminars on actual entrepreneurial topics

The core activity of the IBC, which creates its high attractiveness for the members and which distinguishes the IBC as something unique, is to offer a platform for open discussion in the various Working Committees and Sub-Working Groups which convene approx. four times a year. To date eight Working Committees have been formed.


Presiding Committee

The Presiding Committee takes resolutions in meetings convened by the President or Vice-President. The Presiding Committee should meet at least once a year.

Meetings of the Presiding Committee are chaired by the President. They may also be chaired by the Vice-President or another person nominated by the Presiding Committee members in attendance, especially in the absence of the President.

The Presiding Committee is quorate, if at least one-half of its members, including the President or Vice-President, are present. Resolutions are taken by majority of valid votes cast. The Presiding Committee can take resolutions in writing if no member objects to this form of resolution. Minutes must be taken of resolutions and signed by the Presiding Committee member designated to keep the minutes.

Resolutions of the Presiding Committee are announced in public by the President or Vice-President. The members of the Presiding Committee act in an honorary capacity.